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Our Mission 

In Afghanistan, the Organization for Women as Change Agents works to bring a better life to all Afghan Women by empowering them through education, facilitation of entrepreneurship, raising awareness, legal aid, and unlocking their sense of agency.




Women have registered their business as of 2020 in Afghanistan reaching $77 million in investment.

Percentage of life expectancy at birth, 70% of TB cases reported are females. 90% of deliveries take place at home.

Percentage of female literacy according to UNESCO, while the male literacy rate is 55.48%.

Our Commitment



Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the innovation and creation of new businesses and creates employment opportunities. However, it calls for circumstances under which it can succeed and foster

Women Health

Sex-based health disparities are evident throughout the world; however, nowhere are these disparities greater than in resource-poor countries. As such, these regions require the greatest attention on the matter


Education is not only a right, but an essential condition for the health and well-being of individuals and the communities in which they live. So Educate the women and you can change the world


Advocacy to end violence against women and elimination of discrimination is necessary to achieve full equality between men and women